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     Akha are tribal people, evolving from the ancient Qiang more than 2000 years ago in China. Over several centuries Akha have migrated from their homelands and today villages are to be found in the high mountains of southern China, northeastern Myanmar (Burma), northern Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.
The Akha grow cotton and hemp, Akha women spend much of their time spinning and weaving cloth and making clothing. In the traditional Akha view, art is something one wears. Girls are taught to spin when they are 6 or 7 years old, for the mother alone cannot make sufficient thread to clothe the entire family. Women and girls spin thread constantly – while walking to the field, carrying wood or water, sitting by the fireside in the evening and during every other available moment. Weaving is a dry season activity. Akha cloth requires up to 30 days of daily dipping in the indigo - leaves and drying in order to produce the characteristic, deep blue-black hue. Their costumes are considered one of the most spectactular outfits in the hills.


Trevillian&Trevillian encourage the traditional skills, stitches, and geometric motifs, appliqués and patterns used by the Akha women in making their own clothing. Textiles in this collection are a mixture of antique and new.

 Akha textiles involve such a high level of skill, the stitch in many of their designs are very intricate.

 Trevillian & Trevillian’s Akha collection consists of a beautiful range of throw cushions, runners and floor cushions.

This collection is very unique and has a timeless  style

 Akha textiles are created in a natural environment using natural fibres and plant dyes.

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