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Nankeen is an ancient art form from China. The traditional Asian blue and white hand-printed cotton, using a three-thousand year-old paste-resist process, is created by artists in the Shanghai region of China. Originated from the Nanking region of China.

The fabric is hand woven 100% organic cotton. The print is created by a hand carved wooden stencil that is applied to the fabric. A mix of organic soya bean flour and stalked lime is applied through the openings of the stencil. The fabric is then dip dyed into a natural indigo dye. After the right colour is achieved and the fabric has dried, the paste is scraped off, revealing the white patterns on the blue cloth.

Nankeen textiles have an artistic refinement and primitive simplicity.

The Nankeen collection has a simple elegance and the blue and white colours create a classic, yet contemporary range.

Nankeen has been the favoured hand woven/hand printed fabric of the Chinese people for centuries. Such fabric represents a fast-disappearing historic art form, which embodies ancient Chinese culture and traditions.

All Nankeen textiles are organic and created in a natural environment.
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